Nyasha Kada

ZIM dancehall artist, Qounfuzed, has described his debut performance in Zambia as a dream show.

Last Saturday, the Kamunamato Kekubhawa singer, performed in Lusaka at a venue called Scream.

Fans came out in numbers screaming for the talented singer who belted hit after hit during his performance.

“The show had a huge turnout, at first I thought the venue was too big but ended up being shocked when it was almost fully packed and more people were still queuing to come in.

“This show made me realise how my music is quite popular in Zambia, it surpassed my imagination and expectations.

“Zambians and Zimbabweans were all at the show and it was good to see us united and having a good time together,” said Qounfuzed.

The event, hosted by Kulia Events and Bholato Boys, also featured other Zimbabwean artists — Voltz JT, Bazooker and Platinum Prince.

DJ Nonny, a female South African wheel-spinner and DJRunie from the UK, completed the line-up.

“I had such an amazing experience but, unfortunately, did not get much time to see Zambia or just tour around the city as we had very limited time and the stay was short and sweet.

“Zambian people and Zimbabweans in Zambia are so welcoming and I can’t wait to return for another show, “ he said.

Qounfuzed has already performed in China and South Africa.

He is also expected to perform at the SAMA Festival UK on Saturday and in Poland on April 20.

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