Qounfuzed’s Memories trends

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Qounfuzed’s Memories trends Qounfuzed


Nyasha Kada , Entertainment Reporter       

Dancehall artiste Qounfuzed is currently enjoying a purple patch with his new release titled Memories.

The track is one of the ‘biggest’ songs trending on local scene at the moment.


Produced by KSG and Abgeo Pablo, the song has been trending on the Zimbabwe YouTube Top 20 and the Zimbabwe iTunes top 100 for last month.


Speaking to H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle, Qounfuzed who is currently touring the UK with rapper Holy Ten said he is now getting booked for more shows and his performance fees have gone up.


“It feels great stepping from one level to another. I really want to thank all my listeners and followers.


“It’s just a shame that it hasn’t found its way to the local radio stations yet but I have submitted this time and hopefully it will be airing soon if all goes well.”

He added:


“The song is another imaginary storyline involving a guy who thought he had found a girl of his dreams in a club but ended up not seeing her again.”


He also revealed that’s he is set to release another new single featuring Bazooker titled Kamunamato Kekubhawa.

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