Nyasha Kada

ZIM dancehall star, Qounfuzed, has teamed up with Majjesty on a new extended play (EP) titled Nyaya Yacho Yakaoma.

The compilation, which was officially unveiled last week, will see one track being released weekly.

It is made up of love songs like Nzvimbo’ Wakandiroya, Rudo Redu and Unozvigona, since both artists boast of strength on the subject.

Majjesty, a talented songwriter, producer and singer was discovered by Quonfuzed two years ago.

“I discovered Majjesty a few years back, together with my management team, and we decided that we could help uplift and work with the talented young artist.

“I enjoy working and grooming young artists.

“The EP idea came when we realised we were both working on a lot of songs together but releasing them was going to be the issue since we are two artists that work individually,” said Quonfuzed.

He added:

“Generally, the EP consists of a lot of love songs since that’s where both our strengths lie with exceptions for tracks like Wakandiroya and Unozvigona which qualify to be club bangers.

“Most of the audio production was also done by Majjesty, who happens to be a good producer as well.

“Visuals to the tracks were done by Walle Visuals and will be released in the summer after the launch party.”

The two are set to perform and tour together at the beginning of next year.

“We are representing Zimbabwe in the UK, and other surrounding countries, music-wise and we look forward to touring together next year, “ he added.

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