R PEELS IS NOT WORTH IT: KAE CHAPS. . . disowns circulating post

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R PEELS IS NOT WORTH IT: KAE CHAPS. . . disowns circulating post Kae Chaps


Edwin Nhukarume

MUSICIAN Kae Chaps says he doesn’t want his name to be associated with rapper R Peels.

This follows R Peels’ decision to ‘diss’ him on the track titled Julius Malema, off his 45-track album, Zviri Evabeautiful 2.

R Peels seems bitter after he claimed in his recent song that Kae Chaps refused to put a verse on one of his songs.

In the song, R Peels accused Kae Chaps of being pompous, because he did not respond to him.

In an interview with H-Metro the Juzi singer said he was not interested in entertaining R Peels’ claims.

“The guy wants beef with me at all costs, but I’m not up for it, it’s not worth it,” he said.

A post – taken from a WhatsApp status – which recently circulated on social media on Zim hip hop pages with Kae Chaps’ name – appeared to respond to R Peels’ diss.

The post reads: “These days ma artist vanoclaimer that they are real and then diss you on a song for a verse that they gave you for FREE*** Smh.”

Kae Chaps disowned the post saying it was not his style to use a WhatsApp status to blast someone.

“I would never attack anyone using my WhatsApp status.

“I never stoop that low and people who know me will tell you that I hardly post on my status.

“And, if I do it’s usually memes.

“My grandmother even opens my WhatsApp status, why would I post about R Peels, ndopenga here?”

H-Metro reached out to R Peels, who refused to comment on the matter.

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