‘Rain fares’ leave commuters screaming

13 Jan, 2022 - 00:01 0 Views
‘Rain fares’ leave commuters screaming TRANSPORT challenges have forced commuters to use unauthorised vehicles


Talent Gore

COMMUTERS in the capital have expressed dismay over the tendency by kombi crews to increase fares whenever it rains.

Such kombis are not under the Zupco franchise and not allowed to operate, but they have found their way back.

Commuters are also complaining about how Zupco buses finish operating at 7pm.

Kombis, which usually charge US$1, now charge US$1,50, when it rains while those, which usually charge US$1.50, increase the fare to US$2.

H-Metro toured Simon Muzenda Street Bus Terminus and Market Square and witnessed kombi crews demanding the high fares.

Revai Musakwa of Epworth implored the Government to deal with such kombi operators.

“I usually board the Zupco kombis but it was raining and by the time I got to the bus terminus, they had already left for their depot,” Musakwa said.

“Government should intervene and help us.

“Some of us finish work at 7pm, we get to the rank and Zupcos are no longer there.

“It’s no longer safe for us anymore.

“This is a challenge for us as commuters as we end up paying double what we pay in a Zupco.

“If they are not stopped, they will keep making our life difficult for us.

“There were a lot of people who ended up stranded because they didn’t have the required amount of money.”

Tariro Manjengwa, of Greendale, expressed the same sentiments.

“I think the reason they chose to increase the fare is simply because there was a hive of activity in town and it was raining,” she said.

“I also think they are taking advantage of the rainy season and people will be desperate to go home.”

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