Rains destroy over 300 homes

14 Jan, 2022 - 00:01 0 Views
Rains destroy over 300 homes Mr Nathan Nkomo


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OVER 300 homes have been destroyed by heavy rains in most parts of the country since the beginning of the rainy season, latest figures show.

In its latest rainfall incidents report, for the period ending January 5, 2022, the Civil Protection Unit said many people have been left homeless by inclement weather conditions. CPU director, Nathan Nkomo, said the unit had adopted the National Contingency Plan that was developed and approved by Cabinet, in November 2021.

“The month of October 2021 saw the onset of the rainfall season which has been characterised by heavy rains and flash floods in various parts of the country,” Nkomo said.

“Urban areas have not been spared given the damages witnessed in all major cities. Social amenities infrastructure damaged, as a result of the heavy rains, include schools and clinics.”

Nkomo said the CPU was conducting damage assessments.

“Civil Protection Committees have been seized with the task of conducting damage assessments in order to ascertain immediate needs of affected households as well as cost of damages to social infrastructure to facilitate mobilisation of resources to undertake repairs,” he said.

Nkomo said submissions from provinces, where damages have been reported, will be received as rapid damage assessments were being conducted.

He said reports submitted to date indicated that most houses damaged were built using poor building materials of pole and dagga.

“It is also noted that houses built on wetlands are highly susceptible to the vagaries of weather and this has been the case in many urban areas where flash floods have been experienced,” Nkomo said.

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