Rains exposes Kadoma

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Lloyd Mwale in Kadoma
THE recent storm that hit Kadoma on Monday has exposed the City of Kadoma’s poor service delivery in the sprawling high density suburb of Chemukute.
Residents interviewed blamed the city fathers for not being sensitive to their plight since 1998 when the council took over the affairs of the area from Rio Tinto’s Cam and Motor Mine management.

“The City of Kadoma has failed to provide us with requisite service delivery since taking over Chemukute from Rio Tinto’s Cam and Motor management in 1998.

“Before 1998 the mine management provided good service in roads, refuse collection, good drainage system and roads were better maintained but now service delivery has deteriorated that’s why rains are flowing into our homes.

“Monday rains saw my house being flooded. The area resembled a lake with water everywhere because drainage is poor,” said Mwanza Daka of Chemukute.

Another resident Samatha Kanyemba also blamed the city fathers of turning a blind eye to their plight during the rainy season.

Timothy Nyoni and Mai Makuvara also called on the City of Kadoma to lay drains in the area.

“Our area has no proper drainage system and we call upon the council to lay proper drainage system.

“Our area has no drains our streets are usually hard hit during the rainy season.”

City of Kadoma Ward 15 Councillor Nigel Ruzario confirmed that the area witnessed a heavy downpour on Monday which posed some major challenges on drainage.

“Yes, the area around Chemukute being in my ward witnessed a heavy downpour on Monday and the major challenges are on drainage.

“We have some areas in Nhoro and Hanga that need proper drainage system and along Tendele, Ngondoma and Gwai the drains need maintenance and no house was damaged but in Ward 16 in Sabonabona some cabins were damaged,” said Cllr Ruzario.

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