Rape, arson victims complain to PG

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Rape, arson victims complain to PG Dr Johannes Marisa


Takawira Photovet Dapi

A maid with a local doctor has written to the Prosecutor General complaining on how her case of rape is being handled at Harare Magistrates Court.

The complainant wrote to Prosecutor General Kumbirai Hodzi over handling of a court case, RE: state vs blessing Mahutse CRB 1123/21- complaint against prosecutor Mutsokoti l court 6 Rotten Row court.


She referred to the above matter wherein she is the complainant against Blessing Mahutse who is being charged with attempted rape.


Her complaint to PG reads;


“I was not allowed to enter the courtroom and neither did the Prosecutor update me on what had transpired in court.


“I later learnt from the prosecutor in charge after making several follow ups that the accused had been granted bail on the same date 13th February 2021 and I suspect that the prosecutor could have consented to bail for reasons not known to me.


“The prosecutor refused to take or even check my phone messages which link the accused person to the crime.”


She said her efforts to meet the prosecutor on another day when they attended court proceedings were futile as the prosecutor was always with the accused person in his office.


“On that same day, 16th April 2021, the accused was removed from remand yet myself and the witnesses were available to testify. The prosecutor did not also explain to me the reasons why the accused had been removed from remand. The prosecutor was instead avoiding me on the day.


“I have reason to suspect from the above sequence of events that the prosecutor could have acted corruptly in allowing a situation which led to the accused being removed from remand,” the victim wrote to the PG.


She said she had approached the PG’s office complaining against the prosecutor in court 6 at Rotten Row court.


“I request that the said Prosecutor be investigated for possible criminal abuse of office. I believe there is no reason why this matter cannot proceed to trial. I further seek for the appointment of a different Prosecutor to handle the matter. We anticipate your assistance in the matter,” she wrote.

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