Rapper Awa Khiwe’s star shines

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Rapper Awa Khiwe’s star shines Awakhiwe Sibanda


Maria Chiguvari

GERMANY-based songbird, Awakhiwe Sibanda, emerged as the people’s favourite female rapper over the weekend when she came up against other African rappers from different nations.

Awa Khiwe was featured by Chop Daily as part of the prominent hip hop artists on the African continent.

People referred to her as the African rap queen after she came up against Eno Ebony from Ghana, Petra from Kenya and South Africa-based Nadia Nakai.

In 2015, Awa Khiwe was nominated for the Best underground hip hop artist at the Zim Hip Hop Awards.

The following year, she won Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the same awards.

Socialite and businessman Tinashe Mutarisi wrote on his social media pages that Awa Khiwe was the queen of rap.

“Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the African Rap Queen, Awa Khiwe from Nkayi, Zimbabwe, is winning,” he wrote.

Below are some reactions to Awa Khiwe:

I will always say this, Awa is the best female rapper we have…Rap Gandaganda Anotidaishe Machiya.


Awa Khiwe best rapper on African continent # tag zim flavour diva. Nadia Nakai sell out. Big up Ghana & Kenya, much respect to my African queens. – Macleane Macleane Madondo.


Awa Khiwe is not only my favourite. She is just the best. Even if I was from another country, I would still choose her as the best. Prosperity Malinda Mpofu.


Zimbabwe nailed it, I like that there was not a single swear word.. Sharp and clean, she is the best. – Priscilla S Ngwenga.


I have always said that Awa Khiwe is the best rapper in Zimbabwe! Forget female rapper. Best rapper! And at this rate, Africa. If South Africa and Botswana are floored then the end. Simbarashe JUsore.


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