Rapper bemoans female exploitation

11 Oct, 2021 - 10:10 0 Views
Rapper bemoans female exploitation Yeukai “Skilz tha Louche” Chakwana


Lucia Mazhou, Entertainment Reporter

Rapper Yeukai “Skilz tha Louche” Chakwana has bemoaned the exploitation of female rappers in the music industry.

The 25-year-old said females are being exploited in the industry.

Yeukai “Skilz tha Louche” Chakwana

“Females in the music industry are often taken advantage of because they want to make it to the top and they end up getting sexually exploited.


“The industry is not kind to the females, everyone who sees a female in the industry sees an easy target and if you refuse to give in they make your rise to stardom almost impossible.

Yeukai “Skilz tha Louche” Chakwana

“It’s quite easier for the males as they are judged through their talent only. They do not have that many obstacles on their way.


“We have so many talented females out there who are failing to get popular because their dreams have been crushed by evil predators who are only after using girls,” said Skilz.


She added:


“Every gender has a platform and opportunity to showcase their skills in other genres but it becomes a challenge when it comes to genres like hip hop.


“People tend to think Hip hop is a male dominated genre and females are less appreciated.


“It’s actually high time to alert that people should start paying more attention to female artists, there is also need to empower the females in the music industry.


“Females are also said to be difficult to work with as they involve feelings in everything they do.


“However, I believe that If a person is gunning for a certain thing I don’t think they can do things that can make them difficult to work with.


“If they are down for work with results, feelings can be controlled and objectives achieved,” she said.


Skilz stated that females are usually viewed as weak and not fit enough to tackle what is perceived male jobs and from there recognition and acceptance can be challenging but talent markets itself.

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