Rapper follows Amayenge route

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Rapper follows Amayenge route Trailer Young


SOUTH-AFRICA based Hip-Hop artiste Trailer Young (TY) says he is making headways as he follows the family path of popular Amayenge music group from Zambia.

He revealed more in an interview with H-Metro reporter Desmond Munemo (DM). Read on…

DM: Who is Trailer Young?

TY: Trailer Young is my profession name and the real name is Neil Chirindo.

DM: When and how did you start the music journey?


TY: I started my music journey around high school, when I was doing my A Levels at Dzivaresekwa High 1 School in 2012-2013 and that’s when I had my first recorded song.

DM: What inspired you to take up music?

TY: I grew up in a very successful musical household.

My uncle from my mother’s side started a band called Amayenge in Zambia, so I grew up around music and fell in love with it.


DM: Have you worked with other Hip-Hop artistes?

TY: Recently, I collaborated with an American artiste called Daysianeroa and we have a song called Bloody Tears which is available on all the major streaming platforms.


DM: What have you achieved as an artiste?

TY: I’ve managed to complete my degree, I have a BBA in Marketing Management (2020), and also registered a company called Timely Escape in 2020 which trades in apparels here in South Africa.


I released my first musical project titled WESS + on the 21st of January 2021, which is available on all the major streaming platforms as well. I’m currently doing my honours degree. Getting an education has also been very helpful.


DM: Any challenges in the industry?

TY: Being an independent artiste without a major label to back you up financially can really create a couple of challenges. Trying to promote the music and build a solid fan base requires heavy marketing in order to create awareness, which is quite costly.


DM: Any message to fellow aspiring young artistes in Zimbabwe?

TY: Initially, they need to create really good music and register their music.


They need to make use of online distribution platforms to make sure that their music is available everywhere. Use social media platforms to network, collaborate and promote their music. They also need to educate themselves on the business side of the music industry because it’s extremely important to know how artistes get paid.

DM: Thank you for your time.

TY: You are welcome.



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