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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

KADOMA bred rapper, Outlaw 07, reckons he has started the year 2022 on a flier following the release of an accompanying video to his single track Elevation.

Born Cossy Junior Daka 17 years ago, the rapper is son to philanthropist, music promoter and businessman Cosmas “Cossy Rules” Daka.

Outlaw 07

Despite being raised in a rich family, Outlaw 07’s heart bleeds for the poor in Kadoma where his father has amassed made millions.


To show his affection for Kadoma people, the pint-sized rapper has been doing music promoting his area.


He said his song Elevation, which also boasts of beautiful visuals, gives hope to fellow artists in Kadoma that they can make it in life.


“Elevation was a brainchild I thought of in 2020 December.


“I wanted to make a big difference and alerting the nation that Kadoma exists and it is a city with great talent as well since it has no recognition in the entertainment sector,” he said.


The workaholic young rapper said he has been recording music constantly for relevance’s sake.


“Last year, I managed to do six songs that include a video called Elevation, which I travelled to Harare to shoot.


“This EP is mainly about motivation with enjoyment. It is about doing well and excelling in everything we do.


“The songs on the EP comprise Elevation, Honai Shine, Winning, Pamunotiita Rough, Dear God  and Good vibes.


“It has  four people ( upcoming artist that featured comprising Maxyboi, Paytam, Slim Keed and Cuniva. All the mastering was done by Kadoma producers alongside Harare producers, DJ Leo and DJ skinner,” he said.


Asked what inspired the concept of Elevation, he said:


“This project was a test to see if I can represent and put Kadoma on the map. I wanted to test my abilities and what I am able to do without any handouts.


“I faced a lot of problems during this project for it was my first time doing such a big project myself and also because of school pressure but it is finally successful and complete. Now all that’s is needed is great marketing.”


Outlaw 07 also shared some of his new year’s resolutions.


“My new year’s resolution is to mainly do collaborations with bigger artists than myself and music videos.


“I am working on joining shows in Kadoma as well and other events in Harare.”


He also revealed how he was balancing school work with music.


“When it’s time for school, I will be doing school work only since all the songs will be recorded during holidays so all that will be needed is uploading them whilst focusing on school work.


“To me instead of going out and partying like other kids, music is also a hobby so when others are doing different programmes I choose to sit and brainstorm,” he added.

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