Rapper releases uplifting song

13 Jan, 2021 - 09:01 0 Views
Rapper releases uplifting song Ferguson “King Daggz” Mhunduru


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

UNITED Kingdom based singer Ferguson “King Daggz” Mhunduru has dropped a song titled Kudakwashe, which raises awareness on low self-esteem and depression issues among the youths. ­

The rapper, who has worked with different artistes, says youths are the most affected generation and need positive music. ­

The song was which recorded under Kingz Man Records was released on Tuesday.

“­The song focuses on crime, daily lives and I am seeking to change that narrative of negativity among the youths.


“I am not going to be looked down upon, bullied and there’s no room for depression.


“We have people with low self-esteem, but just know that’s God’s creation.


“So the song is a counter to all these negative narratives and changing the perception which is always associated with negativity to positive,” he said.


Added King Daggz:

“It’s something that is encouraging and positively influencing the youths, for them to be the salt of the earth in the streets which are filled with crime.

“I also worked with an artiste called Just Kyng who’s also signed to the same label and this is my second collabo featuring Kudzy.

“­This is my second song since being signed to Kingz Man Records and my last song I did with Kyng got sponsorship from global Swiss, a Zimbabwe shipment company from here.”

King Daggz got his first deal last year from Kingz Man Records label owned by Minister Model. Kingz Man Records is a Christian record label, which does not only produce gospel music, but other positive music.

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