Rapper turns to gospel

Mangaliso Kabulika

ZIM Hip Hop artist, Nizzy Raps, has released a thanksgiving song titled ‘Ndokutendai Nei.’

The song has generated discussions about the intersection of spirituality and music.

The single showcases Nizzy Raps’ lyrical prowess and introspective style.

The song not only resonates with fans of Zim Hip Hop but also appeals to a broader audience seeking spiritual depth and inspiration in their music.

Nizzy opened up about his journey and the role of Christianity in his life.

 “I wanted to use my music to express my faith and share the message of God’s love.

“It represents my desire to uplift and inspire others through music.

“Most artists do not want to sing about God but it’s high time we need to realise that the success that we experience, after going through various uncertainties in life, needs to be appreciated.

“There is a higher Divinity above us and God has been keeping us in this industry which can be dark sometimes.”

The song has also sparked conversation among critics and fans as to whether Nizzy is now venturing into gospel music.

 “I am not a gospel artist, I am just a musician and this is how I craft my art.

“I practice a lot of meditation when I’m given a beat to sample and on this one these lyrics came to me and I immediately opted to sing about God.

“The song has also resonated with listeners who may not identify as Christians but appreciate my sincerity and the universal messages of hope and gratitude embedded in the lyrics.

“This shows that music can be a powerful medium to explore spirituality and connect with others, regardless of their beliefs.”

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