Arron Nyamayaro

EMPLOYEES at Rowan Martin Building, which houses senior Harare City Council officials, are exposing themselves to a number of diseases as sewage has been flowing from burst pipes for the past year.

Plumbers have been sucking out the waste twice a week, since last year, and the workers have been complaining of a pungent smell and the risk of cholera.

Council bosses are being accused of turning a blind eye to the crisis.

Plumbers have been seen splashing powder to try and limit the smell.

“We are no longer opening windows because of the unpleasant smell. Our bosses park their vehicles and witness the flowing of this waste daily without taking action.

“Vanotosvetuka vamwe vachitsika tsvina iyoyo sezvo ndiko kwavanopaka motokari dzavo.

“Sometimes we are ordered to knock off early, especially when plumbers are working.

“Our bosses are busy spending time attending workshops, spending money, leaving us in such a quagmire.”

Sporadic cholera cases have been reported in some Harare suburbs.

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