Re-birth of rhumba music

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Re-birth of rhumba music


18 October 2018

Daniel Kiwiti

Rhumba music in Zimbabwe used to be followed by a large number of people across the country but today it is like there has never been a music genre of that sort.

The fight for supremacy between local rhumba musicians and the foreign rhumba groups used to be very popular and intense.

There was a time when our very own rhumba groups such as Papa Jose’s TP Nyekese and the likes of Peter Tangwena used to be crowd pullers on their own.

Fans used to throng popular night spots to get a glimpse of these groups which was flavoured by a different types of dancing queens.

Fans would enjoy singing along and on many weddings and parties, the only genre of music people were used to was rhumba.

Even religious music groups were not left out as there were a number of gospel rhumba groups in the limelight as a result of the dominance of rhumba music.

But what happened to these rhumba groups?

Most of the local groups were disbanded due to differences and mismanagement, while others went into hibernation believing that they were going to resurrect which they never did.

Other groups went for a long break but by the time they wanted to make a come back, other genres had already taken over the available space.

The few available functional groups that remained were Diamond Musica, BV Labien Musica and Bana des As.

Bv Labien musica, the longest surviving rhumba group in Zimbabwe recently released a three-track studio album tittled “Ndosaka Extended Play” and they have also released a video for the album which shows the re-birth of rhumba music in Zimbabwe.

Bv Labien Musica band leader Jack Mapanga said they decided to release this album to keep their fans in the dancing mood for the festive season.

The 7th studio album consist of danceable tracks like Mamero, Yellow Bone and vipo which rhumba fans will find very exciting.

Rhumba groups in Zimbabwe have shown some form of maturity and in the spirit of unity and development, rhumba artistes are helping each other and artistes are free to join any group of their choice without any beefs.

Ngoie Lubunze Silo Samunga lead guiterist of Congolese – Zimbabwean Based band Bana des As recently performed with local group BV Labien Musica.

“Silo Samunga helps us a lot musically and we are in good books,” said Jack Mapanga.

“It’s not bad to support other groups in studio or at live shows because no one can play good sebene for rhumba besides Silo Samunga,” said Andre Nyamunyamu, the founding member and choregrapher of Bana des As.

Bana des As also is set to release a album tittled “Evenement” meaning (Where we come from) before the year end and the band is currently scheduled with live shows across the country.

Diamond musica have also recorded a single track tittled Butsu which featured the veteran music superstar Oliver Mtukudzi. Pitshou Lumiere promised rhumba music lovers that they will continue to release new tracks and that they will launch the single track Butsu on 12 October this year, just to thank fans for their support.

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