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MUSIC sensation, Saintfloew, is ready to open a new page in his life as he undergoes rehabilitation in South Africa, his handlers say.

He left the country on Monday night, alongside his mother, Ebenezer Mambo, and producer Jamal.

The singer is fighting drug and substance abuse, which was threatening to derail his progress in showbiz.

His mother   and producer will only come back home after the paperwork has been processed, it has been established.

Saintfloew’s benefactor and Nash Paints Group executive chairman Tinashe Mutarisi, who is sponsoring the rehabilitation programme, confirmed these developments.

“The team arrived safely in South Africa and all the necessary checks are being done.

SAINTFLOEW in South Africa

“We sent him to South Africa together with the mother so that she gets to know where her son is.

“It was necessary that she accompanies her son and gives him all the necessary support required,” he said.

Mutarisi, who has been praised by Zimbabweans for coming to the rescue of the Silas Mavende singer, will also be checking on the artist today.

“I will be travelling there tomorrow (today) and I will also check if he is okay.

“I will always give Saintfloew all the support he needs after he shared his story with the world.

“He needs our support and we can’t afford to let him down in this hour of need,” he said.

Prior to his departure, Saintfloew vowed to take the therapy seriously.

“I am ready for rehabilitation and I don’t want to disappoint my fans when I come back.

“I want to come back a changed man and will simply stick to my job as a musician,” he said.

Saintfloew is one of the young influencers who have decided to confront their drug and substance abuse demons.

After battling the demons, it took some time for him to open up to Mutarisi who pledged to sponsor his rehabilitation.

Saintfloew is one of the young Turks who have taken over the showbiz scene.

He is in the same league with Holy Ten, Poptain and Enzo Ishall, who are ruling the roost.

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