JOHANNESBURG. — The Real Housewives of Durban reunion will air on Showmax in two parts on May 15 and 22 following a dramatic Season 4 finale. 

The finale saw the ladies separated into two groups and tea spilt from all directions, with accusations of witchcraft, infidelity, control and alcoholism. 

Newcomers Ameigh Thompson, Angel Ndlela and Zama Ngcobo are all feeling nervous about their first reunion but that won’t stop them from showing up.

Zama, who has been involved in some of the biggest feuds in the season, says she won’t run away from anything that happened. 

“I am not a coward,” she says. “What I said on the show is how I feel. People think I won’t show up to the reunion because I am scared. I am not. 

“I am going to go in there and speak my mind. I will not be intimidated by anyone.”

 Angel says she’s looking forward to the reunion. 

“I am glad that I will have the chance to tell my side of the story, while providing clarity where need be,” she says. 

“Watching the show, I definitely learned a lot of things about myself. It was an amazing experience.” 

Ameigh feels the show has made her stronger and more resolute in her decisions. 

“Watching myself has been very interesting,” she said. “The journey has made me realise that I am the person I have always known I am. 

“I have been through a lot as a person and a mom and I hope that my story has helped other women who are in similar situations. 

“There is a light at the end of every tunnel.”

 For the OG’s who have done this from the beginning, they understand better than anyone that reunions are a game-changer. 

 Nonku Williams is very clear on what needs to be said and done. 

“I have been doing this for so long,” she says. “The reason why I am still here is because I understand the assignment. 

“Some people come here and they want to be what they are not and that is why it does not land. I will always be me and that is my superpower.”

 Sorisha Naidoo is done trying to make peace where there is none. — Multichoice.

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