Latwell Nyangu

ZIMBABWEANS based in Europe will have an opportunity to showcase their talents under a reality show dubbed ‘Sculptured Reality Fashion Show.’

The show is aimed at bringing together Zimbabwean creatives based in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Takudzwa Masawi of Fancy Feelings Lifestyle & Vokal Whispers, who is based in the Netherlands, said the aim was to bring mostly Zimbabwean creatives, based in Europe, under one roof and encourage collaborations.

“That part of Europe has so many amazing brands that have a lot of potential to compete on any market, however, that can only be archived with a one sound harmony in the same direction.

“Our show is proof of that as it was made possible with a collaboration, we collaborated with designers (Pfeka, belle haven & Majid de Stylist & many more), photographers (King Zoro media) Euro-based artists (Mos Groovie & Thenjie & Vongai Mujakachi) and some amazing upcoming models.

“The list is endless which even makes the possibilities endless.”

He added:

“So, it will now be an annual event in Germany and we are currently working on also introducing it in Poland so we can also bridge that gap.

“For one to participate, they just need to get in touch with us either on our socials or directly.

“The aim is to not only market brands but also help develop and expose Zim talent in Europe such as artists, poets and models, just to name a few categories.

“We did the first show recently in Pulheim, Germany.”

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