Record label targets upcoming musicians

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Record label targets upcoming musicians Zeb Tsikira and Wife Colleen Tsikira


Praise Masvosva

CANADA based executive music producer, Zeb Tsikira, has opened a record label called MEY Records.

It is set to benefit both upcoming and seasoned musicians.

“MEY Records is an abbreviation of Music Empowers You, because music indeed empowers people in different ways.

“As MEY Records, we are funding artists from studio production, video production and we also market the songs.

“We are promoting the music through streaming like Spotify, Apple Music, Audio Mac, YouTube and social media among others,” he said.

Zeb said he has since engaged the services of Chegutu-based music producer Vincent ‘Vince GoodBeats’ Phiri of Zero53 Music.

“Right now we are working with Zero53 music in Chegutu, we have teamed up on this mission of showcasing new talent in Zimbabwe.

“Our main focus is to put upcoming musicians on the map.

“Zero53 is the man behind most of the productions we are doing now,” he said.

Zeb said he is humbled by the response he is getting from music lovers.

“We are helping upcoming musicians and we have gotten great reviews from people, new fans who did not know these artists existed.

“We market them using different platforms, TikTok, YouTube, Bloggers and even radio stations.

“As MEY Records we have two CEOs, my wife Colleen Tsikira and myself.

“We have a creative team, music producers, the visual directors, fashion designers and make-up artists.

“I can’t say I have been in music for a long time, it’s only been a year and half. 

“Within this period, I have definitely learnt a lot and I am still learning.

“I have noticed that artists actually need more help than I had anticipated, we need more sponsors to come into the fold and help them because I can’t do it alone,” he said.

He added: “Our goal is to produce artists who are going to be the best in the country and abroad.

“We don’t have any specific genre we push in our record label, we push talent.

“We are not competing with anyone because we are running our own race.”

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