Red Cross offers Covid-19 vaccines

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Red Cross offers Covid-19 vaccines Alick Macheso watches as one of the Red Cross Society nurses vaccinates a Harare woman


Mathew Masinge, H-Metro Reporter

The Zimbabwe Red Cross Society has extended its humanitarian influence by offering Covid-19 vaccines at its Copacabana clinic in the capital.

The clinic is now administering the Sinopharm and Sinovac jabs to members of the public for free.

Dr Joe Tapi (left) and Alick Macheso pose with Red Cross Society nurses who were conducting the vaccination process

According to the medical practitioner in-charge, Dr Joel Tapi, the vaccination efforts are aimed at complementing government’s efforts towards herd immunity.


“As the Zimbabwe Red Cross clinic we are happy to assist government in the vaccination program by offering free vaccines to members of the public.

“So far we have already opened our doors for vaccination and we are receiving a minimum of 150 to 200 people on a daily basis.


“We are also complementing government efforts in administering vaccines to the general public for free like any other public health institution,” said Dr Tapi.


Dr Tapi said they efforts also bridges the gap between the public and private health practice.

Dr Tapi said they efforts also bridges the gap between the public and private health practice.


“We are seeing positive response form members of the public and this is in line with the government’s call to fight the pandemic and ultimately fight reach herd immunity that we intend as a nation.


“In terms of our model as a clinic we tend to thrive in offering medical care at a lower cost as a bridge between the private and public sector,” he said.


He said stringent measures have been put in place in adherence to public health measures.


“We are really instituting stringent measures to ensure that all Covid-19 protocols including sanitization, wearing of masks and social distancing are observed.


“Again our vaccination site is not within the building it is at the back where there is free aeration just to conform to measures set in setting up a vaccination site,” he said.


The clinic which offers variety of services including general practitioners, pharmacy, laboratory and dental will be operating from 8 am to 4 pm from Monday to Sunday.


Zimbabwe Red Cross Society Humanitarian ambassador Alick Macheso also added his voice by calling people to the site.


“I am encouraging my fellow countrymen and countrywomen to get vaccinated and stop following fake news that the vaccines will kill people after two years.


“The Red Cross clinic is convenient to those in town and I am excited that queues are forming every day.


“If we all get vaccinated sooner we can return to our normal life and enjoy our lives,” said Macheso.


He urged fellow artistes to be exemplary.


“My family and I got the vaccine and we are safe and want to urge all artists to do the same so that may be we might get back on stage sooner,” he said.

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