Redcliff’s mysterious tree

31 Jan, 2019 - 15:01 0 Views
Redcliff’s mysterious tree


31 January 2019

Amanda Chikari and Tariroyashe Goredema

A fallen tree allegedly mysteriously grew to its normal size after being uprooted and cut down in the high density suburb of Rutendo in Redcliff.

According to unbelievable claims from several residents, the tree was uprooted by a strong wind which had resulted from a heavy thunderstorm which poured in the suburb last week.

Cephas Moyo a 90-year-old male witness said he was shocked by this mysterious occurrence.

“On Saturday there was a strong wind accompanied by a heavy thunderstorm which uprooted the tree.

“After it was uprooted, one of my neighbours chopped up the tree for firewood.

“After finishing chopping the tree l was shocked when l saw the tree back in its original position before it had been uprooted or chopped,” he said.

Another witness, who identified herself as Mary Ndlovu, said the moment the tree was uprooted it left a ditch which contained water.

“When it was uprooted it left a ditch which contained water. However, to our shock, the tree was back to its original position after a day and looked firmly intact,” said Mary.

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