Reggae singer engages Jamaica’s Turbulence

16 Mar, 2023 - 00:03 0 Views
Reggae singer engages Jamaica’s Turbulence Richard Rembani and Turbulence


Latwell Nyangu

CAPE Town-based reggae singer, Richard “Jnr Tatenda” Rembani, has engaged the services of Jamaican star, Turbulence, in a song titled Free Me Up.

The duo is also working towards an accompanying video to the song.

“I dropped the song, which has been played on Star FM. 

“I then contacted Turbulence after he saw me performing during a show which he was part of.

“That’s how we met and he liked my voice prompting this song. 

“He even sent four different video clips for our video, so I am working on my part and he too is doing the same,” he said.

The young singer said his voice covers different genres.

“My voice allows me to sing any type of genre but on these singles there is reggae, lovers, Afrobeat, Conscious and RnB.

“I enjoy teaching the youths of today, so I actually preach the positive message out to the people and I also make sure that my music is comfortable for any age, including our parents, meaning there are no vulgar or explicit lyrics.

“The song was produced with the help of Jusa Dementor, who did the beat, while Funk Records recorded and produced that song,” he said.

Jnr Tatenda has five other songs which are part of the compilation.

“It’s actually a singles compilation. I have also done a new song Vhura, featuring Freeman, and another one Chiva Wangu, featuring Nox.”

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