Regional influencers hail Branson

Latwell Nyangu

REGIONAL social media influencers have hailed Prophet Edd Branson for promoting Africa as a tourism and investment destination.

Branson has been nominated and selected for the American Social Innovator’s Award.

He has gailed recognition from celebrities in South Africa and Zambia, including Nombulelo Mhlongo and Samela Tyelbooi.

He recently donated laptops to Zambian students.

“Edd Branson is doing well for his Africa Tourism Promotion role where he has travelled the world promoting Africa as a tourism and investment destination,” said Mhlongo, who played Sne, on the soapie Durban Gen.

“Can someone take me to Zimbabwe so that I can play Mupase for Prophet Edd Branson?”

Tyelbooi, who played Ayanda in Generations, endorsed Branson and hailed him for his diplomatic and business work.

“I didn’t know about Edd Branson until a colleague sent me his profile.

“I was amazed and impressed by the man’s achievements and humility. Congratulations Edd Branson, keep grinding,” Tyelbooi said.

Zambian official, Jito Kayumba, also praised Edd Branson for his charity.

“I want to thank you for assisting the students.

“I can tell you I have come across many students who come from different backgrounds and they have never touched a laptop.

“Thank you for honouring them and continuing to play a big role in marketing the continent.”

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