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THE Government is rehabilitating the Maranatha-Bundley-Headingley road and Ahmed Ben Bella Avenue (formerly known as Central Avenue), with plans to fix more roads in the near future.

The Government has declared all roads a state of disaster, and work has already begun on the Harare-Bindura Road.

Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister, Felix Mhona, has emphasised the need for patience, as infrastructure development is an intensive process.

Min­is­ter Mhona said the Gov­ern­ment was not just talk­ing but walk­ing the talk.

“Our Gov­ern­ment has been work­ing around the clock to ensure that roads are rehab­il­it­ated after President Mnan­gagwa declared all roads a State of Dis­aster in 2021.

“Bush clearing is in progress on the Harare-Bindura Road dualisation from Boulevard to Lomagundi.

“The 7km road under construction stretches from Boulevard to Bindura Road straight to the New Parliament Building,” he said.

The move has been welcomed by residents and motorists, who have noted the poor state of the roads as a hindrance to economic development and social mobility.

The government’s broader efforts to improve the country’s infrastructure and create a conducive environment for investment include the rehabilitation of airports and dams.

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