Relatives fight over undergarments

24 Jun, 2022 - 00:06 0 Views
Relatives fight over undergarments civil court


Ashley Mujoma

A CITY woman has dragged her aunt to court following a dispute over undergarments.

Vimbai Jiya has since applied for a peace order against Thelma Chikondera at Harare Civil Court.

She told the court she was being emotionally abused by her aunt.

Vimbai said she was also riled by Thelma’s claims that she took her undergarments to a witch-doctor.

“I have suffered enough at the hands of Thelma, whom I have been looking after, at my house.

“She accused me of taking her inner garments to a witch doctor, which I never did,”  she said.

 In response, Thelma claimed Vimbai bewitched her.

She said she had witnesses to support her claims. “It’s only the two of us in the house and all of a sudden my inner garments started to disappear only to find them with wild stuff that l believe is being given to her by a witch doctor, “ she said.

 Presiding magistrate Sharon Mashavire granted the peace order in Vimbai’s favour.

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