Release music regularly or sink: Mukoma Panga

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Release music regularly or sink: Mukoma Panga Mukoma Panga


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

CORPORATE lawyer-cum-musician, Mukoma Panga, reckons its high time seasoned artistes churn out music regularly for relevance’s sake.

Born Panganayi Hare, the affable crooner who started off as a music promoter before recording his two albums in the past four years, said starving fans of new stuff was old fashioned.

“Stars are born every day and those artistes who believed in starving the market of new stuff to create anxiety among fans risk being forgotten judging by what is transpiring nowadays.


“We are living in an era where one needs to think outside the box and engage their fans since the Covid-19 restrictions don’t allow for public shows and gatherings where they used to meet old and new fans.


“With the world going digital, it means we need to fully utilise online platforms to ensure that we engage our fans regularly through new stuff.


“As it stands, new stars who have embraced technology and releasing regularly are making it while yesteryear stars like urban groovers who had joined the music cemetery are making hits on social media with new stuff,” he said.


Mukoma Panga, who made his name in Bulawayo before relocating to the capital, said he was committed to give fellow artistes free advice on modern showbiz trends.


“To be honest with you my heart bleeds when I see some of the top artistes who used to be household names starving people of new stuff waiting for the sector to be reopened.


“With the third wave of Covid-19 now in our midst, it means they might not release anything anytime soon and that will mean that they will be forgotten or lose their fan base.


“No matter what we are going through, people need new music which soothes their sorrows and these calls for one to release music regularly he said,” he said.


Mukoma Panga said it was not senseless for top artistes to hold on to their music fearing pirates.


“The issue of piracy is now out of question because those who used to burn CDs are now out of business as people can now share songs on app.


“Other artistes who have embraced technology are now selling it online but uploading even old stuff. So for one to hold onto their music fearing piracy is senseless,” he said.


Mukoma Panga who recently launched his second album titled Pfimbi Yekudo on local radio stars, has never looked back.


After making his debuting the chats with his album Mbuva Yehwiza which was nominated for the Zimbabwe Music Awards and National Arts Merit Awards three years ago, he has continued to forge alliance with other artistes.


He has collaborated with artistes in other genres like gospel diva Agartha Murudzwa, Madam Boss and Kubatakwashe Choral Group frontman Artwell Marufu among others.


He has also been working with seasoned producers like Jabulani Ndlovu of Trutone Studios who has recorded over 500 albums in his 21 years as producer and 28 years as a sound engineer.


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