Relief for Murewa school children

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Relief for Murewa school children Building materials at the site of the new school


Latwell Nyangu, Reporter

School children in Murewa North Constituency are engaging in drug abuse and promiscuous behaviour due to long distances travelled to attend a Secondary School, an official has claimed.

Murewa North MP Daniel Garwe and Ward 8 Councillor Andrew Chirimumimba

The development has seen authorities and leaders in the area considering building a secondary school nearby.

The school named Gutu Secondary will be built in Ward 8 under Murewa Constituency with the help of Member of Parliament Daniel Garwe, Councillor Andrew Chirimumimba and local authorities.

Speaking during the ground breaking ceremony Gutu Primary School Headmaster Misheck Gwangwadze said:

Murewa District Development Coordinator Mrs Wadzwanya and Headmaster Misheck Gwangwadza

“We are happy as the Primary School to have this development because pupils walk long distances for almost 10 kilometres.

“We have witnessed children engaging in drug abuse along the way to school.

“Girls are involving in promiscuous behaviour, we are witnessing pregnancies and early marriages since they cannot walk long distances.

“Many have their dreams shattered because they can not attend a Secondary School due to long distances and this will help in alleviating this problem.

DCC Mrs Wadzwanya officiating the ground breaking ceremony

“Gutu Secondary will be situated at very neutral place.”

Murewa North Constituency MP Daniel Garwe promised to work with the community leaders in finishing the school.

“As the MP for Murewa North Constituency we are working with a mandate to develop the areas.

“We are doing this in line with President Mnangagwa’s vision for devolution and developing marginalised areas.

“We witnessed this ground breaking ceremony which I believe will be a major achievement in the area.”

He added:

“We will make sure it’s completed with all our efforts and the children will be able to achieve their dreams of going to secondary school.

“We are also pushing for the provision of small of dams, water bodies that will help in irrigation since this area is for farming.

“Orphans will also be assisted in our areas.”

The Ward’s Councillor Andrew Chirimumimba said:

“It is my duty to be a people’s representative to get back to them and do what they want.

“We did some findings and discovered that children in this area are travelling long distances to attend to a Secondary School and this will accommodate many at a neutral venue.

“School children should not travel long to learn.”

Murewa Rural District Council Executive Social Services Moses Mupfumba also said the initiative was supported by Government in constructing schools in these areas.

“We have identified other primary schools which need to be refurbished.

“We were given grants meant for social amenities projects schools and clinics.”

Headman in the area Jakopu in ward 8 also hailed the government’s initiative in building schools.

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