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A UNIVERSITY of Zimbabwe graduate, who was seeking assistance to raise US30 000 for a transplant in India, has finally received the required money after spirited efforts by Zimbabweans to help her.

In the past couple of days, Zimbabweans have rallied behind her cause and managed to mobilise the funds for her through donations.

The Zimbabweans managed to raise US$35 015 for her operation.

Ruth Hwara (24) was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease shortly after graduating in December 2022.

Her existence depends on the gruelling routine of dialysis, enduring five-hour sessions twice a week,” she said.

“Everyday I fight to cling onto life dreaming of a future free from the restraints of this disease.

“I long to break free from the chains of dialysis to regain my health and reclaim my place in society.”

She was admitted in hospital yesterday.

“I was on dialysis and I started to feel dizzy and I told them to disconnect and they did,” she said.

“My doctors came and they told me that my liver was now getting big and they said my heart failure is being caused by fluid overload because I am producing a lot of water in my stomach.

“I want to thank everyone who is standing with me because alone I don’t know what I could have done, I had given up hope but my mother Saru Yaya stood by me and gave me hope to live.”

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