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FOR a woman in Chitungwiza, the cholera outbreak is like watching a horror movie once again.

The situation in the dormitory town is quite concerning, with raw sewage flowing through most areas and residents being forced to drink water from contaminated wells.

The fear of a disease outbreak, specifically cholera, is very real with the town already experiencing new cases.

As of yesterday, Chitungwiza had recorded 36 new cholera cases, bringing the cumulative cases to 272.

Tecla Bomba survived the cholera outbreak five years ago.

Now, she is once again fearing for her family’s lives.

“In 2018, my whole family was affected by cholera,” she said.

“We thought we were going to die and right now we are afraid that it’s going to affect us again.

“My daughter was infected first, and I took her to hospital and we were given oral rehydration solutions.

“We were so many at the hospital in one room waiting for nurses to attend to us.

“After I received tablets for my daughter, I went back home.” 

She added:

“The moment I got home, I started feeling sick as well.

“I prepared salt and sugar solution at home and I believe that it’s what helped us.” 

She said the municipality was not making an effort to fix the sewer bursts, and clean water is urgently needed to prevent further spread of the disease.

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