‘Remember the disadvantaged’

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‘Remember the disadvantaged’ Tendai 'The boss' Mazuru during the donation


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter
A 24-year-old Mutare based physically challenged man has called upon communities to remember the disabled with any thanksgiving.
Tendai ‘The boss’ Mazuru said, he owes many thanks to different well-wishers who have been assisting his members.

He celebrated 24 years last week where he donated a wheel-chair to a disabled child.

“Life is a burden, on my birthday I visited a family in Hobhouse where I donated a wheelchair to child who is disabled.

“The conditions at the house are worrisome, there is need to help the family.

“The child is a last born and well-wishers have to assist this family.

“What worried me worse was the house which is in bad shape, the family need blankets and anyone seeking to help can call me,” he said.

Mazuru uses a wheelchair to move and he runs a small foundation which survives on handouts.

“I started assisting at the age of 15 and well-wishers support me with wheel-chairs which I then give to the vulnerable.

“I am praying for resources so that I can help others individuals who are in burden.

“I want people with disabilities not to beg in the streets but they need funding to start self-sustaining projects.

“Many thanks to so Dadi from Hobhouse, Patience Mbanga #Dj Pixie and her Friend Fary, Mai Tendainashe Mazuru my wife,” he added.

Anyone seeking to help can contact: 0782352853, 0718985985, 0733866498, 0774297694.

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