Report abusive husbands

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Report abusive husbands


Almost every week the media has stories of men who are guilty of bashing their wives and making such barbaric behavior a habit.

There are men out there that think – because they married their wives and paid lobola – they have a right to beat up these defenceless women. Such men as those to not deserve to live in our communities – not without some form of rehabilitation. They must be put behind bars so that they reflect on their actions.


It is noble and brave of wives to report abusive husbands to the police because, if they do not, they would be physically abused for the rest of their lives and their marriage will feel like life imprisonment. More women should go and report to the police whenever they are assaulted by their men – husbands or boyfriends. At first they may feel bad and think they have sent the father of their children to prison but the truth is the men sent themselves there by beating them up.


The courts must be fed up of these domestic violence issues. It is high time a deterrent sentence is imposed upon all wife bashers because there is never a good reason to assault someone, especially a wife you vowed to love.


It is time to put a stop to domestic violence. Women must not continue to live in fear of their husbands – men whose duty it is to take care of these ladies and to love them, “in sickness and in health, in bad times and good times, for richer, for poor . . .”


Men must also never fear that their wife will pour hot oil on them for that is outright diabolic. If the worst comes to the worst and all forms of reasoning between two adults have failed, then they can always separate or divorce if they are married. That – separation – should be the last option, not violence.


The number of tragic stories reported in the media caused by domestic violence is alarming.


And all these are caused by scenarios that could easily have been avoided.


It is up to a man to decide to beat up his wife.


The husband – whatever the circumstances – decides to use violence in his attempt to resolve whatever differences there may be between him and the wife.


That decision is where the problem must be dealt with. Today every man must decide never to lay a hand on their wife or any woman and half of the domestic violence problems will be tackled.


However, the opposite will be true if most men continue to believe that women are their possessions whom they can decide to batter and whip whenever they need to make a point.


If the battered wives do not report, the abuse will continue.



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