Tanaka Mahanya

PARENTS should quickly report any suspicious things they notice in the health of their children.

This can help authorities detect cancer in children.

KidzCan Zimbabwe health and awareness officer and nurse, Charity Kawadza, told H-Metro at the Harare Agricultural show that they were facing challenges from parents who are reporting cases late.

“We are urging parents that if they see anything amiss in a child, they should report because early detection can lead to overcoming the cancer.

“Parents will come later when the child is in a worse off condition than the first time, which may lead to the death of the child.”

She said they were facing challenges in accessing medication and drugs.

“Drugs are in short supply so, sometimes, we really have to do more hunting, to make sure that we have the chemotherapy drugs.

“The cost of drugs is the other challenge.

“There is a divide, whereby one parent suggests that they go the conventional route, while the other may refuse to let their child be amputated or have an eye removed.

“Paediatric cancer management is very expensive, but KidzCan Zimbabwe will supply all services, which include chemotherapy, X-rays and scans, blood tests, free of charge.”


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