Residents bash funeral parlour driver

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Residents bash funeral parlour driver Inside the parlor vehicle


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

TWO Dzivaresekwa men were on Thursday arrested for deflating the tyres of a local funeral parlour vehicle and attacking itsdriver at a borehole.
One theory is that the parlour’s workers had come to wash their trade tools at the borehole. The two, only identified as Busymark and Moyo, were reported to have stoned a Tinokunda Funeral Parlour driver Simbarashe Shonhiwa accusing him of cleaning a funeral parlour vehicle at their source of drinking water.

Gogo Moyo

However, it turned out that Shonhiwa had water buckets and was after fetching water using a vehicle with a tent and latex gloves inside it.


The fracas started when Christine Jack, 72, known as Gogo Moyo approached Shoniwa over parking his vehicle near her vegetables and close to the borehole.

Simbarashe Shonhiwa

Gogo Moyo said most people associate the branded funeral parlour vehicle with dead bodies worse off cleaning it near a borehole and vegetables.


“I questioned the driver for cleaning his vehicle near my vegetables and the borehole considering that the vehicle is branded a name of a funeral parlor,” said Gogo Moyo.


“Neighbours came and he wanted to drive away that is why the two blocked the vehicle and deflated its tyres assuming that he wanted to escape.


“Residents agreed to engage police and see if it was permissible to carry their cleaning at the borehole and upon their arrival they arrested the two and cleared the driver over the issue that distracted residents from their duties.


“To us it is taboo to clean anything related to funeral parlours at a public place worse off at a water source,” she said.


Shonhiwa told H-Metro that he wanted to fetch water and not clean the vehicle arguing that Busymark and Moyo were against people from the other side of the road where there is another borehole.


“The issue was blown out of proportion by people who arrived the time Gogo Moyo was asking me to remove my vehicle near her vegetables and the borehole,” said Shonhiwa.


“This place is for Tashinga Cooperative residents and I stay across the road here in Dzivaresekwa 2 so these people do not want Tashinga residents to fetch water at this borehole.


“There was a long queue at our side and I decided to fetch water from this borehole not knowing the politics involved that we do not contribute money in case of repairing the borehole.


“I apologised to residents and allowed them to look into my vehicle but the two overreacted at attacked me and my friend that we left the place running for our dear lives,” said Shonhiwa.

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