Residents bemoan lax in garbage collection

Talent Gore

RESIDENTS of Budiriro, Glen View and Glen Norah in Harare are angry that garbage has not been collected in their area for over six months. This has led to garbage piling up on street corners and open spaces, posing a serious health hazard.

The residents are questioning what the City of Harare is doing with the money it collects every month from ratepayers.

Tendesekai Gore, a father of three, said they were unhappy with council’s attitude.

“We demand improved service from council. Garbage is now blocking the drainage system and it is affecting our living conditions,” said Gore.

Another resident, Tonderayi Alufesi, said while she sympathised with the cash-strapped council, the situation posed a serious health hazard.

“We fear the outbreak of diseases like cholera,” she said.

Harare City Council waste collection manager, Lisben Chipfunde, said council was failing to collect garbage due to breakdowns in their fleet, but that they were repairing it and planning to employ more street cleaners and remove skip bins.

Chipfunde also welcomed the involvement of the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) in the city’s waste management.

“We have a good relationship with EMA and we are working together to overcome solid waste management in Harare,” he said.

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