Mangaliso Kabulika

SOME Dzivaresekwa residents have blamed Harare City Council for the increasing dumpsites in the suburb, saying the local authority had failed them.

Some residents feel that they pay their rates and expect council to maintain a clean area, while others say the council needs to step up its waste management and provide disposal options.

A resident, Chipo Ndlovu, said:

“We pay rates to the council and expect them to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

“Dumpsites are unacceptable and reflect the council’s failure to fulfil its mandate,” said Ndlovu.

Another resident, Tendai Moyo, said council needs to step up efforts in waste management.

“It is unfair to solely blame us when we have limited options available.”

A council official stated that while there may be shortcomings in waste management services, residents must take responsibility for their waste disposal habits and utilise provided facilities properly.

“The onus rests on residents themselves. While we acknowledge that there may be shortcomings in waste management services, it is crucial for residents to play their part as well.

“Dumping waste indiscriminately and failing to utilise provided disposal facilities undermines our collective efforts,” said the official.

Environmentalist, Anna Chirwa, believes that a collaborative approach is necessary for lasting solutions to waste management, including community education, enforcement of regulations, and adequate waste collection services.

“We cannot solely blame one side in this issue. Both residents and the council must work together to find lasting solutions.

“It requires community education, stricter enforcement of waste disposal regulations, and the provision of adequate waste collection services,” said Chirwa.

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