RESIDENTS CRY FOUL. . . City Council under more fire over Rufaro

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RESIDENTS CRY FOUL. . . City Council under more fire over Rufaro


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THE Harare Residents Trust (HRT) has called on the City of Harare to attract innovative interventions from the private sector to help address service delivery challenges.

This call comes in the wake of Sakunda Holdings pulling out of an agreement with the City Council to refurbish Rufaro Stadium into a modern multiple-discipline facility.

In a statement, HRT director, Precious Shumba, said Council should be accommodative to the private sector if it wants to achieve clean city status by 2025.

He urged Sakunda Holdings and the City of Harare to find each other for the sake of football.

He said a modernised Rufaro, which meets FIFA requirements, can bring in much-needed revenue for the Council.

“In this age of modernity, the City of Harare should be attracting innovative interventions from the private sector to help them address their service delivery challenges.

“This includes conversion of land uses to meet the contemporary needs and expectations of residents, while upholding the rule of law.

“For the past 14 years, the City of Harare has been fidgeting on the change of land use for the development of a golf estate, hotel and other modern amenities at Warren Hills Golf Club.”

He added:

“It would seem that the Councillors and officials are conniving to make it extremely difficult for the private sector to easily invest to expedite the much-needed projects.”

Shumba said corruption within the Council was making it difficult for the private sector to invest in the city.

“There are always suspicions that Councillors demand bribes from investors, and frustrate every investor who wants to invest without paying kickbacks to them and some town planning officials. “There are several cases of corruption pending in the courts involving Council officials.

“There is no other logical explanation why Council has not bothered to undertake consultations and followed the law in terms of the change of land use on the golf course.”

Shumba said if development is done in a transparent manner, it would change the outlook of Harare, create jobs for residents and help modernise the city.

Shumba said people should celebrate when businesspeople help in rebuilding a prosperous Zimbabwe.

“The City of Harare should not wait for external financial support to boost its infrastructure and enhance the city’s attractiveness to investors, but should be aggressively encouraging local businesspeople to invest in sections of council’s service delivery areas for a win-win outcome,” he said.

He said the city policymakers and technocrats should facilitate investments that seek to increase the ambience of Harare from the private sector, both local and international.

“If they have concerns about any of the provisions in the memorandum of understanding, they should have the decency of consulting the residents through ward-based consultations at community meetings where they present the proposals on the table from the various investors,” he said.


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