Residents demand recreational facilities

14 Sep, 2020 - 09:09 0 Views
Residents demand recreational facilities Scenes at the dam


Zvikomborero Parafini and Desmond Munemo
Kambuzuma residents have pleaded for the provision of recreational facilities for the youths in the area following the death of a teenage boy who drowned in the infamous Blue Dam between Kambuzuma and Warren Park.
The boy, Don Kuwana drowned on Friday whilst swimming with his friends and his body was retrieved Saturday morning by the Police Sub Aqua team.

Hundreds of residents from the two high density suburbs were at the dam offering support to the family as the sub aqua team searched for the body.
The team found the body after two hours of searching and residents began fuming.

Residents who had crowded the dam to witness police divers retrieving the body fumed over the death of the 16 year old boy and accused the City authorities of not constructing and managing recreational facilities.

Another teenage boy drowned in the same dam in December last year and the residents have blamed the deaths on the lack of recreational facilities in the community as the young ones are now resorting to the dam for play time.

“If you go around the whole of Kambuzuma, there is not even a single functional recreational facility to speak about and these young ones who are still growing need areas to play in and refresh especially because schools are closed.

“Our children are dying because they want to play, but there is nowhere to play and they end up drowning trying to swim in that dangerous dam.

“Tennis courts, soccer fields and basketball courts are now white elephants and we wonder what the authorities are doing about it. Lives lost cannot be restored but from now we need to work on a way forward to protect the children we have left” said Felistas Kamombe, a Kambuzuma resident.

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