Residents fume over sewer

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Residents fume over sewer


22 October 2018

Talent Gore

Budiriro 5B residents are pleading with the city council to attend to burst sewer pipes in the area as the situation is getting worse.

In an interview, a resident of the area Daisy Nyengera said the sewer bursts are very common.

“After every two weeks we have sewer bursts in this area and the city council doesn’t respond to our pleas at all.

“As the people of this community we are tired of living in such conditions. They don’t fix the pipes properly; every week there is a burst and sometimes if we call them they say they don’t have transport or fuel,” she said.

Nyengera pleaded with the city council to repair the sewer pipes before residents were exposed to cholera.

“The worst is that raw sewage will be flowing into our yards, creating a serious health hazard,” said Nyengera.

Agness Musavengane

Another resident Tendai Mahere said the city council is not doing its job.

“This is clear negligence. As we all know four weeks ago we had an outbreak of cholera and with the situation at hand how are we going to curb cholera if there is still persistent negligence of such situations,” he said.

He also appealed to the council to do something

Agnes Musavengane, a resident of Budiriro 5B said the cases of flowing sewage were now a common feature.

“Sewer bursts have become a part of our life. What is more disturbing is that children play close to the sewer coupled with uncollected refuse.

“Rainy season is upon us and we fear that there will be another outbreak of cholera if the sewer bursts are left unattended,” she said.

She added that sewage streams can go for days without being cleared as council employees can either come to observe the bursts and go away or not report at all.

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