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SOME Warren Park residents have written to the City of Harare to rename 3rd Avenue as Edd Branson Avenue in recognition of the work that the philanthropist is doing in the community.

Branson has donated a borehole, conducted free health clinics in the area and sponsored several households with monthly groceries and allowances while also paying school fees for hundreds of kids from the area.

“We are deeply moved by the work and contribution of Dr. Edd Branson in Warren Park and Harare in general.

“He has selflessly contributed to the betterment of the community through various charitable acts, including the donation of a borehole, paying school fees for students and supporting multiple households in Warren Park.

“We kindly request that 3rd Avenue in Warren Park (or any street in the area as you might deem fit) be renamed to Edd Branson Avenue to immortalise his generosity and benevolence within the community. 

“This gesture would serve as a living testament to his impactful presence and continued support to the residents of Warren Park.”

The residents added:

“Furthermore, we propose the establishment of a children’s park and play centre to be named Edd Branson Square, located near Mereki shops.

“This park will provide a safe and enjoyable recreational space for the children of Warren Park, emphasising the importance of community and childhood development.

“Fencora Global is committed to funding and maintaining this park at no cost to the city.

“We believe that honouring Edd Branson in this manner is not only befitting but also a way to inspire others to contribute positively to their surroundings.

“His altruistic deeds have touched the lives of many and it is only fitting to acknowledge his efforts by naming a road and establishing a park in his honor.”

Branson grew up in Warren Park.

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