Residents petition Harare over rates

07 Apr, 2021 - 09:04 0 Views
Residents petition Harare over rates


Darlington Gatsi, H-Metro Reporter

Harare residents have petitioned the City of Harare over increase in rates which they say are unjustified and beyond the reach of many.

Through the Harare Residents Trust (HRT), the petition states that the increase in tariffs was not in equal proportion to the services being offered to the residents.


“The Harare Residents’ Trust has received legitimate concerns from aggrieved ratepayers who vehemently object to the arbitrary increases in the tariffs being charged by Harare City Council on most services, most of them undelivered.


“An increase in rates billed to residents without considering their incomes and capacity to pay will only disadvantage the ratepayers,” the petition reads.


Acknowledging the challenges and difficulties that have been brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, the residents are appealing to the City Fathers to cut down the bills by at least 50 percent.


“It is not profitable for the City of Harare to have millions in unpaid rates while the cost benefit analysis of the City reducing the rates by 50 percent would result in more than 75 percent of ratepayers paying their monthly household bills, and help the council cover most of their service delivery obligations,” said the petition.

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