RESIDENTS THANK H-METRO AS TWINS FIND NEW HOME . . . Toddlers taken by the Department of Social Welfare . . . Parents arrested by police for neglecting their kids

Arron Nyamayaro

ZENGEZA residents have thanked H-Metro for the role the newspaper played in highlighting the plight of one-year-old twins who have since been taken by the Department of Social Welfare.

The Zengeza couple, which has been abusing the twins by leaving the toddlers under the care of their nine-year-old sister, has since been arrested.

Linda Tinashe and her husband, Desmond Dabwa, were arrested yesterday for abusing their children.

Their nine-year-old daughter, who had dropped out of school to take care of the twins, was also taken in by the Department of Social Welfare.

The abuse of the twins was exclusively revealed by H-Metro yesterday and it triggered an immediate response from authorities.

Residents hailed the tabloid for highlighting the plight of these children and leading to the intervention of the authorities, including the police and officials from the Department of Social Welfare.

It is the third time, this year, that an H-Metro exclusive report about the abuse of people in Zengeza has led to the intervention of authorities.

“The couple has been leaving the twins crying everyday and police response is commendable,” said one of the residents.

“Social Welfare officials must also help to ensure the children return to school.

“Desmond works and Linda also gets money from braiding women.

“The issue is that Desmond is the father of the twins and the other two kids have a different father that is why he appears to force the daughter, who is aged nine, to look after them and not to go to school.

“Some step fathers are responsible considering that you marry a woman with her own children.”

There was also praise for this newspaper.

“Maita basa H-Metro, this is what we call responsible journalism, mabatsira vana, you never know what these kids will become in the future,” said another resident.

“This is what we expect from our media.

“Hopefully, when these kids grow up to become successful people on day in the future, someone will tell them of how you guys helped them when they needed help the most and were powerless.”

The police were treated as heroes as they left the scene with the couple and the twins.

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