Residents Trust blasts council

Talent Gore

THE Harare Residents Trust has criticised the city council for sending out outrageously high bills when it has no functioning billing system.

The Trust claims that some officials within the local authority are benefiting from the current chaos and therefore oppose the implementation of a functioning billing system.

The council’s rates and service charges are based on the day’s exchange rate and are reportedly not affordable for the majority of residents.

The Trust called for an end to the chaos and for the council to provide accurate and fair bills.

“There is outrage over the bills being given to residents, but sadly, no one in council wants a proper billing system.

“They have shown that they know why it is necessary, but there are a few people benefiting from the chaotic billing system. The more the chaos, the easier it will be to loot council funds,” the Trust said.

Council charges $39 000 for water, $96 000 for tax, $73 000 for refuse and $39 000 for sewage, bringing the total bill to $247 000.

“This is a current bill with no arrears, and the City of Harare charges rates based on the day’s exchange rate.

“The bills are beyond the reach of the majority of residents who struggle to get by.”

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