Residents welcome reopening of Vainona’s Alpes Road

Talent Gore

HARARE motorists are happy with the reopening of part of Alpes Road in Vainona, which underwent rehabilitation, due to its poor state.

The road had been closed since January to pave the way for rehabilitation by CMED.

Motorists told H-Metro that they were grateful to the Government for ensuring that all roads in a state of disrepair were either reconstructed or rehabilitated under ERRP2.

However, some motorists feel that proper and visible road markings are still needed on the reconstructed road.

Mt Pleasant residents are also calling for the rehabilitation of Twickenham Drive, which the Government has promised will be given priority after the current batch of roads is completed.

The road was closed in January this year to pave way for CMED to reconstruct it.

Motorists, who spoke with H-Metro, said they were happy that part of the road had been reopened.

Theresa Whitwell said her main worry was that it took a long time for Alpes Road to be reconstructed.

“We are really thankful as it is now in a good state because it had become a death trap.

“We had to look for alternative roads due to the potholes,” said Whitwell.

Other motorists said the rehabilitation was long overdue.

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