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01 June 2016

BY its very nature, sex is the most private act two human beings can engage in.

That is why it is normal done behind locked doors and kept away from the public. That is why engaging in sex or even sexually suggestive behavior in public is a crime in any normal country like Zimbabwe.

Sex is sacred and must be done with dignity which is why the tenets of good morals dictate that two people of the opposite sex must get married before they can engage in sex.

It is not a hug or handshake that can be done willy-nilly and anywhere and with anyone.

Having sex anywhere outside walls in this country is a crime that will get one arrested.

There is neither privacy nor dignity in forests or any hideous areas that are not bedrooms or homes whose doors can be locked.

Yesterday we led with a story of couples that were caught having sex in their cars in broad daylight at Cleveland Dam.

This is a clear indication that society has gone haywire.

If it’s not leaked nude pictures, it’s some gay video or adulterous affair or sex tape going viral. Stories of sex tapes in particular have seen many people in the street debating whether the parties should be blamed for their tapes given the fact that they meant for the act and the tape to be kept private.

It should be stated that most sex tapes that LEAK are between couples. Sometimes they are married; sometimes they are living together while other times they are merely boyfriend and girlfriend. All that is inconsequential. What makes their act shameful is the fact that the public has accessed what should be a private affair.

What is shameful is that the public was exposed to those immoral acts of people having sex in their cars.

We all grow up treating our parents’ bedroom as the most sacred room in the house because they manage to keep it private.

The adults, on the other hand, are beginning to lose it a bit. They are making copies of this sacred act and storing them in their cell phones, digital cameras and video cameras – gadgets that can fall into outsiders’ hands through theft, misplacement or clean exchanges.

Gadgets that can leak your most private deeds and undress you in public! That is what people should take into consideration before doing anything in front of any camera. Even if they are in a bedroom, it becomes as bad as bush sex if you record it.

People should know that cameras freeze moments and if you do anything behind closed doors, then there is no need to photograph or record it because that is akin to opening the closed doors.

So please let us not record pornographic material or have sex in public areas because these are crimes.

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