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THE massive facelift of Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport’s old terminals has been set for completion by the end of June this year.

The upgrade of the RGMI Airport and the VVIP pavilion, which was allocated a budget of US$153 million, will see rehabilitation of the old international and domestic terminals.

The extensions are complete and already working.

Airports Company of Zimbabwe Public Relations Manager, Tonderai Mangombe, said the whole rehabilitation project is set for completion this year.

“The whole project is expected to be complete by the end of June 2024, which is this year, now what is happening is the rehabilitation of the old terminals, both international and domestic terminals,” he said.

“The extensions were completed and they are already working.

“The whole project is part of that rehabilitation project of US$153 million, with no extra cost.

He added:

“We have started refurbishment work on the domestic terminal, bringing a fresh and seamless new-look while preserving the iconic design of the original terminal.

“Provisionally, we are also working on expanding the existing car park.

“Meanwhile, the multi-storey parking is not part of this project and is still at infancy stage in terms of planning and logistics.”

Mangombe said work was also in progress on refurbishing the air traffic control tower.

“The tower’s unique design is reminiscent of the ‘Great Medieval Palace’ at the Great Zimbabwe Monument, whence the country derived its name.

“It’s being retained, but giving it a fresh look.”

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