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Shingirirayi Mugodi

ROAR Entertainment spokesperson, Shaleen “Ms Shally” Manhire, has confirmed the Rick Ross ticket promotion by BancABC.

Speaking to H-Metro, Ms Shally said the promotion was solely by BancABC, and not Roar Entertainment.

“Firstly, we as Roar Entertainment did not reduce the prices of the tickets.

“BancABC is one of our platinum sponsors, they wanted to run a special under BancABC, that is why if you want to buy those tickets for US$35, you cannot get them from the Roar Entertainment website.

“We do not have that special, you can only buy them at Pick N Pay at the BancABC kiosk.

“It is a promotion that is being run by BancABC for the people, but mainly for the youth who want to attend in their numbers,” she said.

Ms Shally dismissed claims their ticket sales were low.

Ms Shally

“Our ticket sales are not low at all.

“As you saw, the general tickets that BancABC is running a special on, we have already sold half of the tickets.

“For the tables, 92 percent are already sold out, the VVIP tickets are also running fast.

“Ticket sales are far from being low but BancABC, being one of our platinum sponsors, we have allowed them to do that promotion.

“The promotion is just being sponsored by BancABC so Roar Entertainment will still be getting its US$50,” she told H-Metro.

Asked who the final guest performer is going to be, she said:

“We are going to announce the artist in about two to three weeks.

“For me to disclose whether it is a local or international or female, it would distort the whole purpose of people guessing the other artist.”

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