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RITUAL SCARE AT MAGABA FLATS Emmanuel Saidi standing in his flat after a police search for the suspected human head


Mathew Masinge, H-Metro Reporter

THERE was a ritual scare at Mbare’s Magaba block 3 flats yesterday when a parcel containing hardened cement was mistaken for a human head.

According to sources, an eight-year-old with alleged mental issues had triggered suspicion after she was sent by her neighbour to drop off the bag in question, in her apartment.

Scenes during the search

However, it was later discovered after a police search that the parcel contained hardened cement and not a child’s head.


“This was all blown out of proportion; my child was sent by my neighbour to go and drop off a parcel in her house but jokingly warned that it was someone’s head wrapped inside.

Scenes during the search

“Upon hearing that there was a human head inside my child who has some mental issues ran to report the matter to the police.


“The police came and searched the apartment and asked my neighbour to accompany them to the station to disperse the crowd,” said Emmanuel Saidi.


Residents at the flat had gathered eager to see the head before the suspect was taken to Matapi Police Station.

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