Robber, who was shot in foiled robbery, arrested in hospital

Zvikomborero Parafini

AN armed robber in Harare has been charged with attempted robbery after filing a false police report claiming he was a victim of a robbery and was shot during the attack.

Godfrey Magadu had attempted to rob Chemical Merchants Company in Waterfalls, with the help of three accomplices.

They were confronted by security guards, who fired two shots that hit two of the robbers, including Magadu.

One of the robbers died after he was shot on the forehead.

Magadu fled the scene.

However, he later filed a report at Southlea Park, under an assumed name, alleging that he was robbed and shot by four unknown assailants.

Police then gave him a medical treatment form and sent him to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital.

He was later transferred to Parirenyatwa Hospital where he was arrested after police received information about the robbery and shooting.

Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi convened court inside Magadu’s ward, where he was charged with attempted robbery.

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