Robbery victims storm suspect’s home

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Robbery victims storm suspect’s home


Tendai Chigaga

A SUSPECTED Mbare thief was bashed for stealing a laptop and cellphones.

Walter Nyamadzawo was beaten by two  fellow Mbare residents following reports he had stolen a laptop, two mobile cellphones and a tablet from their home in Mbare.


Leeroy Chikudza (23) and Absolom Tepatepa(21) made a report at Mbare Stodart police suspecting Walter to have stolen a dell laptop, two Gtel mobile phones and one Vodafone tablet at night while the two were out drinking.


Absolom and Leeroy claimed they returned home in the morning to find the door open with signs of a break in.


The two made Walter the number one suspect because he is connected to several theft cases in Mbare National.


“He (Walter) was with us at Greenhouse bottle store around 11pm when we decided to go kwa ‘Mukanya’ in Southerton. He knew we would not be home anytime soon and went back to break into our house,” said Leeroy.


Violence followed after Leeroy and Absolom among a gang of five went to Walter’s residence and harassed him, claiming he should return the stolen items.


Walter’s parents and siblings were quick to join in the fight defending their own saying he is only a suspect and should not be harassed but the matter be reported to the police.


The fight took a twisting turn after Walter’s wife took a few blows while trying to defend her husband.


The wife (who remains unidentified) later called her siblings who went to Absolom’s house demanding answers on why he harassed their sibling on matters involving her husband.

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